January 15, 2012

Weight Watchers Update + Pepperoni and Veggie Pizza Recip

Although I haven't updated regarding my Weight Watchers progress lately, I am still following the program, seeing great results, and loving it. I'm .6 pounds away from losing a total of 20 pounds! On December 8th I actually reached my weight loss goal, so now I'm following a maintenance plan. If I can maintain for 6 weeks, I'll become a lifetime member (translation: all the same awesome tools and resources for free! Now that's motivation!)

I've learned so much along my journey, but one thing I know, I don't like spending hours in the kitchen. A few facts about my cooking style:
  • I don't like recipes that have a 5-mile long list of ingredients.
  • I don't like to buy a fancy ingredient that I only use once. 
  • I like very simple and quick cooking techniques. 
  • I'm always looking for shortcuts to lessen my time in the kitchen. 
I think most Moms probably have the same cooking style, right? Haha. So with that said, I want to begin sharing some of the meals we eat around here. My ulterior motive is that I want all of my recipes and recipe shortcuts variations to be online so that I can easily access them!

So with no further adieu, first up: Pepperoni & Veggie Pizza! Comfort Food, people! Here's the preparation in pictures. The full recipe is at the end of this post.

Start with Martha White's thin and crispy pizza crust. Prepare according to package directions (translation: add water and stir)
Spread the dough, and have the toddler poke holes in it before it goes into the oven for the 5-minute-pre-bake. Seriously, the directions say to poke holes in the dough.
While the pizza is pre-baking, chop up the veggie toppings (in this case, just bell peppers... the mushrooms were already sliced). Have the toddler put the veggies in the pan for you. Saute the veggies for about 5 minutes in a tiny bit of olive oil.
Measure out or count your pepperoni slices. It's all about portion control!
Spread the sauce on the pre-baked crust. I use the Wal-Mart brand of sauce.
Second comes the pepperoni...

Third comes the spinach leaves... (from the bag)
Fourth comes the sauteed bell peppers and mushrooms.
Fifth comes the cheeses (mozzarella and Parmesan)...
Put the pizza back into the oven and bake according to package directions (about 10 minutes).
Enjoy the finished product!

{Pepperoni & Veggie Pizza}
4 Points Plus Values per slice
Makes 8 Servings


1 Packet of Martha White Thin & Crispy Pizza Crust Mix
1/2 Cup of Store Bought Pizza Sauce
Turkey Pepperoni (about 25 slices)
1 Cup of Spinach Leaves
2 Bell Peppers (whatever color you like)
8 oz of Sliced Mushrooms
1/2 Cup of Part-Skim Mozzarella Cheese
2 T. Parmesan Cheese
Olive Oil Spray

Prepare the pizza crust according to package directions. While the crust is pre-baking (about 5 minutes), chop up and saute the bell peppers and mushrooms. Take the crust out of the oven and add toppings (pizza sauce, turkey pepperoni, spinach, bell pepper and mushroom mixture, and cheeses). Bake again according to package directions (about 10 minutes).

Ideas to make this meal even quicker:
  • Buy pre-chopped Bell Peppers.  
  • Skip sauteing the peppers and mushrooms. Instead, just throw them on the pizza raw. They'll soften a little during baking.
  • Vary your veggie toppings depending on what you have on hand (tomatoes, onions, banana peppers, etc.)
  • Serve with a simple bagged salad and some light dressing for a complete meal. 
  • Skip the veggies all together for a plain pepperoni and cheese pizza. (The Weight Watchers points don't change.)
  • For a single serve pizza, use Flatout Light Flatbread or Hungry Girl Foldit Flatbread and follow a simple recipe like this one.
 Happy Eating!